November 27, 2020
Apex Legends Season 6

The Long-Anticipated Apex Legends Season Six “Boosted”

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With eight to ten million weekly players and an estimated 70 million players worldwide, Apex legends is what you would call a successful enterprise. August 17 will bring Season Six of Apex Legends. We will look at where Apex Legends comes from, where it is now and where the incredibly successful battle royal game seems to be going.

Respawn entertainment was mainly known for their work on hit series Titanfall and Titanfall 2 when, in 2019, they came out with Apex Legends, in cooperation with EA Sports. This was a surprising move as many in the industry had the impression Respawn would come with the third instalment of their successful Titanfall franchise.

The fact that Respawn brought out a new game in a highly competitive market, without any form of marketing or advertising was especially surprising. However, within one week the game had 25 million players, within one month 50 million. Experts immediately called Apex Legends a worthy adversary to Fortnite Battle Royale, the game which had gained massive popularity the year before.

Apex legends is based on the battle royale principle. A player plays with two others in a team, and each battle has up to 20 different teams. Updates allow two people per unit; however, three is still the standard. Each player chooses a different character, or Legend, which all have different abilities, personalities and design. Respawn has even gone as far as adding a gender-neutral Legend and an LGTBQ Legend as a show of inclusiveness.

Teams jump out of an aeroplane towards an island of which the payable area gets smaller by time to increase battles. The last team standing is considered the winner and is eligible for in-game currency and XP.

There are six seasons as of August 18 2020; below we have a look what happened from the release and preseason to seasons one to five, and what can be expected from season six.

Release/ Preseason

Preseason was the designation for the period between the release of Apex Legends and the start of Season One. There were six available Legends for Preseason: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder and Wraith.

Two legends were available to be unlocked with Legend Tokens or Apex Coins: Caustic and Mirage

Season One

The first season, called Wild frontier, started on March 19, 2019, and ended on June 18 2019, following a three-month season cycle. It included a new legend major map updates, new cosmetics, and new loot items. The Legend that was added by Respawn for season one was called Octane, a high-speed offensive daredevil, great for covering vast distances. His claim to fame is setting a gauntlet record, by propelling himself with a grenade.

Season Two

Season two was released on July 2, 2019, and ended on October 1 2019.

Called Battle Charge it included new map updates, loot items and a new legend: Wattson or real name Natalie Paquette, is a defensive legend with a slow playstyle. She can be unlocked for 12.000 legend tokens or 750 Apex coins. Wattson is known to be the builder of the Apex games Modified Containment Ring.

Season Three

The next instalment of Apex legends was season three, called Meltdown, and the introduction of Crypto. It also saw the introduction of the World’s Edge map, a new town takeover called the Mirage Voyage, the Charge Rifle and more. New legend Crypto is a recon Legend, equipped with a drone for aerial surveillance. As a recon expert, Crypto can spy on his opponents without being seen. Crypto can be unlocked for 12000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins

Apex Legends

Season Four

Season four, called assimilation, started on February 4, 2020, and finished on May 12 2020.

New introductions to the season where a new Legend called Revenant, a new weapon called The Sentinel, new gear including the Evo Shield and the permanent reintroduction of Kings Canyon and Duos. New legend Revenant used to be human; he also used to be the greatest hitman the mercenary syndicate has ever had. Revenant specializes as an offensive Legend, while his Death Totem prevents him and his team from being knocked down, which is an ideal defensive tactic for defending an area.

Season Five

Fortune Favor or the fifth season of Apex Legends has a starting date of May 12, 2020, and will end on August 17, 2020, at 10 p.m.

Respawn introduced several changes to Kings Canyon in season five, they added new Legend Loba, and there was the introduction of quests. Loba features in the first Season quest that was introduced in season five. Loba is especially helpful for finding loot and can teleport to higher places or through obstacles.

Season Six

The long-anticipated arrival of season six of apex legends called boosted will start on August 17, 2020, at 10 p.m.

In season six Respawn will introduce a new Legend called Rampart and a new weapon called the Volt SMG, which is a fan favourite from the Titanfall franchise. Also new in season six will be a loot crafting system, various new cosmetics including holo-sprays and several changes to the Worlds Edge.

According to Ramparts biography, Rampart is a blue-collar private business owner who just needs a big gun and a backpack full of scrap metal to get by in the outlands. Placed as a defensive Legend with her minigun called Sheila that can rip through enemies, Rampart is an excellent addition to Apex Legends.


Apex Legends in eSports

Apex legends is undoubtedly making a name for itself in eSports. Respawn and ESPN announced the apex Legends series in December 2019. This consisted of several online events and 12 live events with a total prize pool of over US$3 million. There will be local and major events organized throughout with winners having the chance of cash payouts and invitations to the Major events.

The Future

If Apex Legends keeps creating exceptional, creative seasons and the fan base keeps expanding as it has in then there is no limit to what Apex Legends can achieve. Would it be possible to grow bigger than Fortnite? That’s undoubtedly a tough goal to achieve. Still, with the popularity that is visible on streaming platforms like Twitch, the success of the eSports section and the enormous percentages of growth shown, it is certainly not unthinkable.

Not the only cool game

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