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Coin Master Free Spins And Coins

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Being a really interesting game involving a plethora of exciting game mechanics, the Coin Master is one of the top-played mobile games in the world, especially in the UK and Germany right now. We recently discovered this and given the game’s ability to hook its users with exciting features and strategic gameplay, the trend didn’t surprise us. Remember the days when people were always on the lookout for free moves in Candy Crush?

That’s the way it is for Coin Master now, but this time the trend is even more intense and the requirement is much higher.

In our opinion, this behavior roots from the fact that unlike Candy Crush, the Coin Master’s gameplay is home to a number of detailed game mechanics. From the Slots Machine and the rewards in Slots Machine to its crafty, strategic, thoughtful, and competitive gameplay, there’s just a lot for users to handle!

Contributing more to it is the never-ending need for extra spins and coins; the more you have them, the more you get ahead of everyone else in your friend list.The number of spins and coins in your account is directly proportional to your in-game resources like hammers, shields, pig bandits, and more!

From placing bets, purchasing chests, maintaining pets, and taking revenge, to attacking your enemies, raiding enemy constructs, protecting your base, and scoring more coins and spins, everything in Coin Master revolves around scoring or spending coins and spins. And that my friends, is the meat of the game. Now, there are a couple of things you can do to have more spins and coins. They aren’t that hard to do but it will definitely be a bit tricky for you to get everything right. But, you will eventually.

We considered all the questions that you have previously sent us and we’ll be starting from the most frequently asked question. What is that one way that lets you generate unlimited spins and coins in Coin Master? Let’s find out about that and more about how to generate coin master free spins and coins.

coin master free spins and coins

Is There A Way To Get Unlimited Spins And Coins In Coin Master?

In a single word, the answer is no. Or at least, none that we know of. Think about this, if there was a way to generate unlimited spins and coins, what is the purpose of all those competitions, challenges, and rankings system? Where’s the fun in not having to strive for spins and coins? Isn’t that the real sauce of the game? There is absolutely no possibility that the developers of Coin Master would offer their users something like this.

Even if there exists something close to this, it will not be ethical and would induce a flaw in the system. It’s also clear that whoever opts for unethical and unfair means to get ahead in this game, will get banned from it for good, and there will be no going back.

So, don’t say that you weren’t warned. There is probably nothing like this available. And even if there’s something remotely close to this concept, it’ll be too risky. You’ll get exposed, identified, and ultimately banned from the game for a violation of terms of use.

free spins for coin master

How To Get Coin Master Free Spins And Coins

Now, this is something that we can help you with. It hasn’t been long since the Coin Master came out as a casual mobile game. But, we have been following it for as long as it has been around. It’s true that the game has undergone many updates in only a few months it’s been around but we are here to help you with our experience. If you are new to the game, get a notepad and start writing these down, you don’t want to miss on the facts, techniques, tips, and tricks we are about to share.

Here are 8 genuine ways to get coin master free spins and coins:

  1. Inviting Facebook Friends

One of the easiest ways to generate a hefty amount of free spins involves inviting your Facebook friends to play the Coin Master. Insist them if you have to. Because, as soon as someone among your friends accepts your invite, downloads the game, and binds his/her Facebook to the game, and logs in, you’ll receive 40 free spins right away! This method is useful for all, we all have someone who would do this for us.

However, this trick is beneficial especially for people who have a large number of friends. More friends equal more invites and more invites equal more chances of receiving chunks of 40 spins each!

  1. Exchanging Gifts With Friends

Once you have a solid amount of people in your friend list playing the game, you can start exchanging gifts with them. You may have observed a similar trend in games like 8-Ball Pool and Ludo Star. What happens is that you basically send your friends a gift, and they accept your gift and send one back. When you are practicing this with multiple friends, you can collect a fine number of spins regularly.

coin master free spins

  1. Completing Event Challenges

The event challenges can either make you or break you! The people all over the world participate in these challenges but if you manage to grind your way up to the top and stay on top at the event’s end, you will be rewarded with exceptional prizes!

  1. Completing Card Collections

You should be striving to complete a collection of cards at all times. A collection is made up of 9 cards. As soon as you are able to collect 9 cards of a specific collection, you get a reward with a chunk of free spins and more. Similarly, you can trade the cards you have and don’t need for the cards you don’t have and need, with your friends.

  1. Buying Chests In Every Village

Buying chests in every village is not a trick but a necessity to move forward! Are you are planning to save your coins for the next villages and not buying chests during the run? We suggest you don’t do it because there may not be a next village to move to if you are stuck in a village because of a lack of resources. You may not be able to complete your card collections because you didn’t plan smart i.e. you didn’t buy chests that give out low-level cards.

You must also know that low-level cards are only available in smaller villages. So, make sure you are buying chests in every village to avoid making the same mistake as we did.

  1. Claiming Rewards From Daily Links

Another thing that many players like to practice is claiming daily rewards offered by Coin Master itself. Just follow the official social media pages of the Coin Master and you’ll see a link offering you to claim your rewards almost every other day. Each user has an option to claim that reward just once.

coin master daily free spins link today

  1. Claiming Rewards From Email Subscription

Similarly, when you sign up for email subscription, the frequency of the rewards you receive increases. Also, instead of having to look up for daily rewards, the rewards come to you in your inbox. It can be an effective and very useful practice if you have that going for you.

  1. Watch Video Ads – Instant Spins

Lastly, one of the fastest and most convenient ways to get your hands on a few spins instantly is by watching a video ad! It’s a win-win situation for both the users and the Coin Master developers. They can generate revenue and you can generate your free extra spins in a matter of seconds.

How To Get Free Coins In Coin Master

Similarly, we have put together a list comprising of a couple of techniques and tricks that should help you generate extra coins in Coin Master. The coins are your in-game currency. While the spins are mostly needed for placing bets and utilizing the Slots Machine, everything else that you need will have to be purchased with coins, making them just as important as spins.

Without further ado, here are some of the best ways to help you get free coins in Coin Master:

  1. Betting and Spinning

If you have a large number of available spins waiting, it can be tempting to spend them on more spins and bets. In fact, you should spend them on bets and it will put you in a position to score high rewards. A part of that high reward could be receiving millions of coins for each spin. That’s one way to use the coin-spin codependency to convert a few spins into millions of coins.

  1. Challenges

Challenges are ideal for generating huge amounts of spins and coins; millions of them. Just try to be on top of rankings at the end of each challenge and you’ll receive the prize. There is almost always an event in process in the Coin Master. Remember staying up-to-date with the event’s challenges to avoid missing out on rewards.

free spins coin master

  1. Daily Links

The daily rewards offered by the Coin Master maintenance team aren’t only great for spins but coins as well. In fact, since the coins fuel a lot more of this game than spins do, the coin rewards are much higher than spin rewards. You can claim the daily links from the official social media handles of the Coin Master.

For starters, here are the links from today to get you going:

2 million coins – Collect here

10 spins and 1 million coins – Collect here

  1. Exchanging Gifts

Just like we talked about exchanging spins a while ago, you can also exchange gifts to get free coins. If you can manage to have a couple of people in your friend list who play the Coin Master, you will be in a better position to exchange gifts with them. The more friends you have, the more gifts you can send, and the more coins and spins you will receive!

  1. Attacking Villages

When you use spins in the Slots Machine, you may win a couple of things, including a bag of coins, energy capsules, shields, and hammers. If you can score a complete row of hammers, you’ll be able to make an attack on one of your enemies. When you perform an attack on a nearby village, you receive coins, lots of them.

  1. Big Raids

In our opinion, raiding is one of the highest-paying ways to win free coins. But, it’s probably also the hardest way, since it will require you to spend loads and loads of spins. If you have a considerable number of available spins, place a bet. If you are lucky enough, you may just win an opportunity to perform a raid on one of the nearby villages. Now, once you are at this stage, you want to save your raids for rich enemies.

Raids can help you get all the coins from your enemy, so we’ll always suggest you raid fat, rich enemies so you can take maximum benefits out of your raid and ultimately have millions of coins!

free coin master spins

The Codependency Of Spins And Coins In The Gameplay

As you probably know or may have realized by now, everything in the Coin Master revolves around the scoring and spending of coins and spins. In a nutshell, this game is based on the monopoly of in-game currency and the core in-game resource that lets you enjoy all the perks of the Coin Master. It’s inevitable that you will be running out of these two assets here and there during your journey. However, the focus should always be on gaining more than you are losing. Play smart, not hard!

Join the online communities of the Coin Master and stay in touch with experienced players all over the world. Rely on their experiences, tips, and tricks to learn techniques that push you forward in the game. The Coin Master may be a strategic game but since it’s a self-proclaimed casual game, it isn’t that hard to understand. It’s not like Minecraft where you set your own goals. There’s a strict set of goals and rules that you have to follow. You stick by the game’s principles and you do the same things over and over again.

But, given that the total villages (levels) in the game are as high as 264, the game instills a sense of commitment and competition in the players’ minds. For that reason, every Coin Master player is always looking for new ways to get more spins and coins. While some use real-world money to buy them, others get inclined towards cool tricks to get more of them for free.

That’s all folks. That’s probably almost everything you need to know to have your hands on coin master free spins and coins. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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