What is Coin Master, And Why Are People Flocking For Coin Master Free Spins?

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What is Coin Master, And Why Are People Flocking For Coin Master Free Spins?

Coin Master

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Coin Master might seem like the next big thing, especially if you Google it. Your Google search results will supply ample resources claiming to provide hacks to gain free spins, shortcuts, and other ways of bypassing the safeguards on the system. Clearly, there’s a great demand for this hot new online phenomena – but is it really new? And is it really worth it? What is Coin Master, exactly?

To be precise, Coin Master and coin master free spins are not new. The app has been around for a decade, having been created for the first time in 2010. It remained a tepid gaming option in the digital sphere for a full 8 years, never truly drawing attention to itself until 2018. Suddenly, it became a highly sought after online game/casino that has its fans frantically trying to get free coin master spins as frequently as possible.

How popular is Coin Master now? It has grossed $508 million in revenue since October 2019 – surpassing the ever-popular and well-known Candy Crush Saga. It was the top-performing app on Google Play and Apple’s App Store among the UK and Ireland markets, gaining a 4.5 star rating on the Apply Store.

Part of the game’s success comes from its audacious advertising campaigns which have featured famous celebrities like Jennifer Lopes, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and many others – including Terry Crews and Ben Higgins.

So, what is Coin Master precisely and why is it capturing the attention of online gamblers now?

Coin Master Free Spins And Coins

Understanding Coin Master and Coin Master Free Spins

What makes a game alluring, and what keeps people coming back? In this case, coin master free spins play a significant role in its popularity. The creators of the game have provided just enough value that’s free of charge, o keep people engaged. The game itself is rather straightforward and simple:The game has a coin slot feature and your success at the slot machine dictates the power you have in the game.

The slot machine gives you your coins. As a player, you use the coins to build villages (picture an epic Viking theme). You become wealthy by pillaging your friend’s villages and defending your own against attackers. When you have a good spin at the slot machine, you are better able to defend your village and battle against others. This is why players value any and all coin master free spins – it’s the currency of the realm that gives players the power to play well.

Where is the free value that keeps players hooked? Players get five free coin master spins every hour. It sounds fairly generous but when you consider the players that are halfway through a great achievement and need just a few more coins to make it happen. They’re willing to do anything for a few extra free coin master spins – but since that’s not possible – paying for spins is the next option.

Now, you understand why players quickly start paying for additional spins. Spinning and winning is the strategy behind this game – although you’re not winning any actual money, just the power to make bigger moves in the game.

The game brings together the online casino gaming niche with fantasy gaming, giving you motives to want to spin more. Free coin master spins is one of Google’s trending searches.

Free Coin Master Spins

The Gameplay and Free Coin Master Spins

Your five free coin master spins is hardly enough for all of the wonderful gameplay options available. There are over 200 different village themes – some of the most popular include – LA dreams, Hell’s village, Magical Forest, Steampunk Land, and Coin Manor and Buddhist village. This enables a great degree of creativity. Players can create a wonderland as they imagine it to be.

With the work and creative planning and thought that goes into these villages, players are willing to use their free coin master spins to safeguard their creations against attack. They will need additional spins to create new features and expand. Villages are kitted with items from nature, pets, little characters, hoes for villagers, and unique transportation methods. The characters also include fantasy characters, like wizards, warriors, kings, and queens.

There is an opportunity for players to “level up”. It takes a fair number of spins and wins over and above the free coin master spins players enjoy hourly. With 266 levels, players can complete a village successfully and enjoy ample opportunity to level up. Players can only do this once their village is built. Each level is more challenging, engaging the players ingenuity and innovation to find solutions – all of which require slot machine spins.

The more spins you have, the more opportunity to have to win coins and reach your goals in terms of establishing villages. Free coin master spins require you to game for a full hour before they are replenished – you can’t go away and come back an hour later.

Most popular features in Coin Master

There are a number of features that keep players engaged. Coin Master has some unique elements that can really bring a fantasy world to life, giving you, as the player, the chance to create a setting that is truly your own. The most popular features are not necessarily the most unique, but they’re certainly presented in a very engaging manner:

Card collection – this is one of the ways to earn free coin master spins. Players must collect a complete card set. As cards are fairly difficult to come by, it requires players to engage with each other, trading and battling for cards in order to complete a set. Once a player has a complete set of cards, they can claim free coin master spins, pet experiences, and other rewards.

There are rare cards with a great worth and there are more common cards with less worth. Players can also use coins to open chests that contain collectable cards. A good collection of cards is something like to be proud of, rare ards can be shown off to other players setting the player in higher esteem among his peers.

Raiding villages – You can steal other villages’ coins by raiding them. WHo doesn’t love a good old-fashioned Viking Raid? Fortunately, this one is not graphic or violent – it’s just wholesome fun. Building up and planning the attack can be strategy enough (unless a play prefers to simply dash in and hope for the best – that works too).

Coin Master Free Spins

Top tips to get the most out of your free Coin Master spins

• Always use all of your Coin Master coins – After you’ve used your free Coin Master spins and spent your Coin Master coins, be sure to spend any “spare change”. Small amounts can be used on chests if the amounts are too insignificant to use in your village. Spare change makes you an easy target for pillages and village raids.

• Utilize the benefits of Coin Master events – Coin Master villages get particularly pricey as you progress in the game. Gathering enough coins isn’t easy, especially if you’re relying predominantly on free Coin Master spins. An alternative to paying for additional spins is your opportunity to take part in Coin Master events, it means you can earn points and coins for launching raids against other villages (Attack Madness, is one example). The rewards improve with time, ranging from free spins to earning Master Coins.

• Save your free Coin Master spins – Just like in real life, spending your hard-earned capital the moment you have it limits your buying options. Save your spins. When you have 25 free Coin Master spins, you have the potential to earn enough to make a real difference to your village. Small increments give you fewer choices and you’re more likely to end up with that dreaded spare change.

• Stay friendly on Coin Master – Starting feuds won’t get you far. You have to plan and strategize as you would if this was real life. The more allies you have, the better your chances of trading cards and getting additional free Coin Master Spins. This, in turn, enables you to make greater progress forward in building your village and powering up to the next level. Bestowing the odd “gift” on a rival player can win them over and prevent repeat attack from the same players. You can give someone a gift by going to the main menu and selecting “gifts”. You can gift someone your free Coin Master spins or give them collectable cards.

The verdict: Is Coin Master worth it?

It’s safe to say that unless you have played this game, you can’t guess. The world is deeply immersive and engaging but you can’t actually get a feel for that until you’re in it. The fact that you have a mixture of casino gambling with fantasy first-person playing makes it interesting. The free spins are exciting, but they’re not the highlight of the game. This game is fantastic if you love to take a poorly dealt hand of chance and turn it into a success.


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