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roblox free robux

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Are you a user of the unique online platform Roblox? Perhaps you’re reading this and want to play more epic games, but have little currency to do so?

Don’t worry; today, we’re going to show you how to save your real money and get Robux for free.

We will give you a secret advantage over the 160+ million users on Roblox. Who knows if you become successful, you could even use your spare free Robux to earn some REAL money. 

3 easy ways to get free Robux

First and foremost, let us tell you that our teaching methods are authentic and not fraudulent ones to access free Robux. If you’re a regular player of Roblox games, you will probably notice that on their website, they state there’s not an authorized way of getting the currency without spending your own money.

To be honest, this is not entirely true; there are ways to get free Roblox. However, it’s crucial that you obtain it safely and don’t give out any of your data as this could make you prone to scams, viruses, or hacks into your personal information. With that said, here are 3 easy ways to get free Robux safely:

free robux

  1. Develop your own Roblox Game

Are you the creative type? Yes, we know making your own Roblox Game may be tiring and time consuming to craft initially; however, it has a great long term investment.

Do note; this can take some skill and is not is as straightforward as you may first think. When creating your game, you will need to consider if you’re using your inspiration from another Roblox Game or want to design from scratch using the Roblox Studio.

Once done, you will need to think about your income strategy.

You can do this in two ways:

Set a playing fee

First, you can charge an affordable fee for your users; that way, before they play your game, they have to pay you upfront. However, do consider that a large number of games on the Roblox platform are free.

To convince others to pay and play for your game, we suggest charging an affordable fee that’s not too expensive and convinces users it won’t take a massive hit to their Roblux balance.

If your game goes viral, more people will likely pay for it due to its small fee, allowing you to make more money off more users in the long term.

Add a Game Pass

If you have experience playing games consoles such as Xbox, PC, and PS4, you will be familiar with having a games pass. Basically, a games pass is a subscription to a specific game where users pay a monthly or yearly fee.

While your game can be free, if you use the tools of a game pass, you can allow individual users to access additional tools for your game, enhancing their performance.

If you don’t know how to code or not that great at coding, you’re probably skim-reading over this first point.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a whizz at coding to create your own game on Roblox. There is a lot of guidance online on how to code and create your own games step by step. An excellent channel for this, which ranges from beginner to advanced tutorials, is youtube!

free roblox robux

  1. Become involved with the Roblox Affiliate Scheme

You can get paid to market Roblox through affiliates. If you aren’t aware of Affiliate marketing, it’s a type of marketing that rewards you if a visitor from your link visits theirs. You only get a reward if that visitor makes a purchase or a registration.

In the case of Roblox, they will provide you a customized URL unique to your account. Then, you add that link to your social media channels, whether in your bio or posting it. We suggest placing it in an area where it will get a broad audience reach or engagement.

Once someone clicks on your unique link to your Roblox game or makes a purchase through their store, you’ll receive a small amount of free Robux. When taking part in their affiliate program, you must use your customized link as this is how the company identifies you.

Don’t simply use their standard URL; if you do, you won’t be entitled to getting free Robux. Make sure it’s from your accounts landing page!

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  1. Become a member of Roblox premium

Yes, we know that you may have to spend a bit of your money on becoming a premium member. However, in the long term, if done effectively, you’ll do more than break even. What’s great about a subscription-based premium membership to Roblox is that you gain more access than its free users.

Not only as a premium user, do you receive a monthly fixed sum of free Robux into your account, but you also can generate more from your inventory.

In particular, you gain access to the marketplace, which allows you to buy, sell, and trade items, generating you more money. When it comes to selling in the market place, it involves a level of creativity. Also, there is a clothing tool that allows you to create and customize clothes and sell them!

If you ever need to purchase additional Robux from the store, you gain 10% extra free Robux on top of your actual purchase as a premium member. Finally, if you develop your own game, you can also secure larger payouts via a Builders club membership.

There you have it, three easy methods to get free Robux. We know that applying any of these may seem time-consuming and daunting, especially when there are currently over 160+ million users on this platform.

roblox free robux

However, some people have made a TON of money using these methods to get free Roblox. If they can do it, YOU can.

Just remember, don’t sacrifice your personal information making yourself exposed to scammers or hackers.

In fact, why not go all out and use all of these free robux methods?

This personal investment could lead to a better long term financial one.

Have you made some free Robux? Let us know in the comments below how you did it and how much you made.

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