November 27, 2020
Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO Spoofer: Best Way To Win At Pokemon Go

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Pokémon GO has been an irresistible craze ever since it was first launched by developer Niantic back in 2016.As an augmented reality game for the modern age, Pokémon GO spoofer offers gamers a fun and rewarding way to combine their love of all things Pokémon with a truly versatile, activity-based gaming experience.

It’s a sensation that is showing no signs of slowing down – and with a number of monthly users that ranges well into the hundreds of millions, it’s not hard to understand how Pokémon GO is here to stay.But if you’ve come to this article, you’re likely already quite familiar with the concept behind Pokémon GO – so without wasting any more time, let’s dive into this guide.

Niantic’s Future Plans

Due to the ongoing global pandemic brought about as a result of COVID-19, Pokémon GO developers Niantic have gone above and beyond to ensure that your experience with the game isn’t hampered by the stay-at-home orders that are widespread during these times.On top of that, Niantic have also made some key changes to the game – updating it to be a little more suitable for the current climate, with a range of adjustments that cater for the stay-at-home gamer.

Where before your value as a member of the Pokémon GO was measured directly based on your activity and the amount of ground you were able to traverse, now – as a result of these update to the Adventure Sync – everything from doing household chores to running on a treadmill will be considered in the same manner as actual exploration.

Tying into the idea of ‘enhancing real world gaming from home’ that Niantic recently brought to the fore, now, thanks to the upcoming Virtual In-Game Social update, players will be able to team up for Raid Battles virtually – leaving the issue of social distancing out of the question.And finally, the ability to virtually visit areas in pursuit of Pokémon is on the way, making for yet another very promising addition to what is already an excellent set of adjustments.With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the benefits of using a Pokémon GO Spoofer.

pokemon go spoofer

What Is A Pokémon GO Spoofer?

Pokémon GO Spoofer comes in the form of an app that serves as a ‘fake GPS’ – allowing you to manually change your phone’s live location to suit your Pokémon hunting needs. Mainly coming in the form of apps that serve a purpose outside of being a Pokémon GO Spoofer, these apps are widely available on both the Apple Store and the Play Store – some coming with the requirement of a jailbroken phone, others without.

Why Would You Need To Spoof?

Given that Pokémon GO is a game built to be played primarily with your location and movement acting as the key ingredient to your success, it’s only natural that certain players will have greater advantages than others.For example, players who reside within the city will have far greater success in catching Pokémon than players that live in rural areas. This comes as both a consequence of the player density but also as a result of the greater freedom of movement within built-up areas.That doesn’t exactly seem fair now does it?

A Pokémon GO Spoofer allows you to trick your device into believing you are somewhere you are not – allowing you to jump all of the hurdles necessary in order to give yourself advantages that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.So if you are in a situation where you don’t have the same freedom of movement as some of your friends, perhaps a Pokémon GO Spoofer could be just what the doctor ordered.In this guide we will break down exactly how you should go about using a Pokémon GO Spoofer and why it could well be a source of fresh new excitement for you and your Pokémon GO gaming experience.

pokemon go spoof


How To Get A Pokémon GO Spoofer

Some of the most popular Pokémon GO Spoofers can be found for free on both the Apple Store and the Play Store – meaning that you can always find a way to play the system once you’ve set yourself up on Pokémon GO.

Popular examples of location-based apps such as these are as follows:

iTools: a popular, multi-purpose iPhone specific utility app, one that stands out from the pack due to it not required jailbreak access in order to function. The one downside does come in the form of the inability to run this spoofer directly through your phone – something that forces you to run the program through your laptop before syncing it with your phone to reap the benefits.

Dr Fone – Virtual Location: As the quickest and easiest Pokémon GO Spoofer on the market, Dr Fone offers a quick and easy solution to your Pokémon GO mobility needs. Simply choose a location that you believe will reap rewards for you in terms of rare and powerful Pokémon and from there, this app will simulate your movements.

iSpoofer: Another app that doesn’t require jailbreaking your device – iSpoofer, though originally an app specifically for Windows – can now be used to spoof your live location on either an iPhone or iPad. The perks with this app is that it actually comes pre-packed with a virtual joystick and as if that wasn’t enough, you can also use its teleport function to jump around to your heart’s content. On top of that, a range of features exist including auto-walking, IV checking, enhanced throw, and GPX, fast catch trick and a live feed. All in all, iSpoofer is likely the most comprehensive Pokémon GO Spoofer around.

pokemon go

As well as these options, VPN’s can also be used alongside a Pokémon GO Spoofer to allow your device to bypass any geoblocks.

  •  NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Surfshark
  • PrivateVPN

Is It Safe To Use A Pokémon GO Spoofer?

With a reliable Pokémon GO Spoofer, you will be safe from Niantic’s attempts to track down the use of such means.However, if you are caught in the act of trying to falsify your location in order to gain an advantage over other players, there is a chance that you will be banned as a result.

This is why care must be taken in the process of using a reliable and consistent Pokémon GO Spoofer in order to minimise risk and cover every necessary base, where possible.With that being said, this guide should have provided you with more than enough information to allow you to begin using a Pokémon GO Spoofer today! So now when you know everthing about Pokemon go spoofer, check out how to get free coin master spins

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