November 27, 2020
Simcity Buildit Cheats

Simcity Buildit Cheats – 8 Top Tips to Earn Free SimCash 2020

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Thanks to EA, SimCity was first brought onto people’s radars in 1989, and it became so popular within the gaming community, there were many spin-offs from this game. This unprecedented success has allowed SimCity to be released into so many versions and many gaming consoles.

The latest SimCity game, which is the most popular today, is Simcity Buildit, which was released in 2014. SimCity is so well known within the gaming community; over 50 million around the world have downloaded it.

What is the purpose of SimCity Buildit Cheats?

Unlike previous SimCity games, SimCity Buildit is a game that EA has specifically developed for iOS and Android. This game is free to choose and can be downloaded from the iOS, Android, and Amazon stores.

This game enables players to solve virtual scenarios that are typical of our lives. Such situations could be pollution, fire, sewage, traffic, and many more that you would face as a member of the public.

What’s fun about this game is that you get to be the mayor of your own city! As a mayor, you have the responsibility to access and create a stunning metropolis. In SimCity, you can build skyscrapers, bridges, athletic stadiums, parks, and many other things.

This game is a great way to get in touch with your creativity as you can create neighbors with inspiration from your favorite cities such as Tokyo, Paris, or London.

Simcity Buildit Cheats

There are also club wars, where you get to connect and compete against other SimCity mayors (other users). Here you can team up, discuss town planning strategies, and plot a war against other cities.

When a battle is in place, this game allows you to access crazy weather conditions and get access to exclusive game rewards. You can also enter weekly contests and climb the SimCity Buildit leaderboards.

In order to provide services to your SimCity citizens, such as building many construction projects and tackling emergencies, you will need to have simoleons (an in-game currency).

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When you first sign up and play SimCity Buildit, you’ll get 25,000 simoleons and 50 SimCash. However, be warned this money can get soon used up quickly in the game and soon enough you will need more.

If you need more SimCash to speed up your development, you can purchase from the EA Store. On the other hand, if you want to save your money, there are unique ways of getting SimCash.

How to get extra SimCash

To get extra SimCash when playing SimCity Buildit, you will need to know some tips which will help you boost your gameplay.

SimCity Buildit Cheats

Cheats are codes that help you advance and better your game and ones that aren’t always the codes recognized by the developers to grant you permission in this game. As SimCity Buildit is only made for smartphones, it’s very hard to find cheats to hijack and up your gameplay.

We warn you that if you come across any websites or youtube videos that advertise cheats, then they are most likely fake. Stay wary of any cheat programs that ask for your user ID and bank details. Most likely, they are trying to get access to your account to hack it or steal your personal data.

8 ways to increase cash flow

While there are little chests out there to aid your gameplay on SimCity Buildit, there are techniques that will help you increase your SimCash and simoleons. Both forms of expenses are needed to help you advance. You can increase them by doing the following:

Log in, consistently to SimCity Buildit

One easy way of getting rewarded by EA is logging in, consistently to SimCity Buildit. A kind gesture EA offers to say thanks to its users, is that they reward all daily SimCity players a daily bonus. What we suggest is that even if there’s not a day where you are busy, just log in for a few moments, and you will get your daily reward.

  1. Increase the population of your city

As the mayor of your city, you’ll have lots of responsibilities to attend to. One of the main responsibilities is to expand the number of residents living there. You can do this by making sure many people move into high rise apartments.

Make sure that each person in the residency upgrades their living standards over time and their living conditions better. Once you increase their living standards and more people move in, it means more people will pay tax.

Therefore the more tax paid can go towards improving your cities infrastructure and create more projects. We also suggest building more parks as that will help increase their happiness.

  1. Make sure you build your buildings close to residential zones

It’s important that your city has fire stations, police stations, hospitals and much more, near to residential areas in your city. This helps generate more tax income as more people are getting access to help they need, leading to more of a positive influence on citizens, which in the long run will lead to more citizens wanting to pay tax.

  1. Build factories

You only have 24 hours in a day, right? No doubt, some of those precious hours will be spent eating, working, and commuting, with less spent on playing SimCity Buildit.

We suggest building factories using basic materials such as minerals, seeds, wood, plastic, and metal. If you use these materials, this will allow you to produce products while you sleep and have more products to build more properties.

  1. Complete missions

When playing SimCity Buildit, you will have to complete many different types of missions, which will allow you to get more rewards. We recommend becoming familiar with the sim city journal as the more missions you complete, the more currencies you will get.

  1. Watch videos

If you have time on your hands, we suggest watching videos in SimCity BuildIt. There are many advertisements which will be shown to you in the game. If you watch them, you will be able to get currency; it’s that easy!

  1. Sell your spare items

As you build and have factories, you may find yourself getting a build-up of spare items such as iron, nails, wood, steel and etc. If you have excess, you can always sell your items to get more money.

Don’t go crazy on selling all of your spare items, though! We suggest it would be good to have some spare. This is in case any residencies need to be urgently attended to.

  1. Team up with other players

If you team up with other players, this will allow you to get access to certain trading features. Because of this, you will be able to purchase items at a lower price.

Well, there you have it 8 top tips to earn extra currency in SimCity Buildit.

Do you have any other tips?

Let us know your favorite tips in the comments, and we can add them to the list.

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