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The Sims 4 mods

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By its very nature, The Sims 4 can be a very strange gaming experience. As time has gone by, both the developers and the franchise’s devoted modding community have endeavored to do everything in their power to improve the end product – ranging from expanding the game’s limits to fine tuning its intricacies.

But for some, this would simply not suffice. For within the endless stream of the best Sims 4 mods lies a number of truly strange additions – ones that both shock and excite in equal measure. More often than not, however, you’ll be left laughing with this lot!

Here are The Ten Strangest Sims 4 Mods.

sims 4 mods

Hats Galore!

See that couch you just invested in? The one that really sets the room off nicely?Well what if we told you that there is a sims 4 mods out there that will allow you to make a hat of that very same couch, a mod that can literally give you the freedom to wear any such object you desire in place of a beret or beanie.

It’s silly as hell, don’t get us wrong, but if we’re looking to set a trend here, Hats Galore is the perfect appetizer.As far as the very best Sims 4 mods are concerned, few can match this one in terms of its simplicity and downright silliness.

sims 4 mods

Emotional Overcharge

If you’ve ever had that one extra cup of coffee that you would have passed on, this mod may well speak to you.Well, not quite. But you get the picture. Emotional Overcharge is a Sims 4 mods that brings total chaos to your gaming experience – turning every single emotional impulse up to the highest setting, leaving your Sims in a mess of fighting, fornicating and unforgivable behavior. Just make sure you have that game saved before trying this one out!

sims 4 mods male pregnancy

Expecting The Unexpected

Pregnancy is a beautiful and heartwarming experience for any Sim and their significant other.To bring new life into this world is a wonderful, wonderful thing, without question – but it’s also something that one specific modder deemed to be far too exclusive.

Now, thanks to this incredibly odd piece of game modification, your male Sims can now also share in the delight of becoming pregnant and eventually, delivering a baby of their own into the game.

It’s a mod that does exactly what it says on the tin, so if you do feel as though your Sim deserves the chance to create life, this is the best Sims 4 mods for you.

Sims 4 mods cup ramen

The Cup Ramen Mod

This one is pretty straightforward. The Sims 4 is a hugely popular game complete with a massive fanbase full of people who no doubt all have their own varying ideas about how the overall feel of The Sims world could be improved and built upon.

One of these people just so happened to be a modder and as a result, this unsung hero decided to make the change that we, as a community, have been waiting for.Cup ramen. It’s now in the game. Need we say any more? Quite possibly the best Sims 4 mods on the market, right?

sims 4 mods Improved Death Reactions

Improved Death Reactions Mod

In the vanilla version of The Sims 4, there is something quite cold and detached about the way that other Sims react to the death of a close friend or family member. Sure, there is some reaction to be found, but overall, given the harrowing nature of such tragedies – we think it’s fair to say that the general mourning mechanics in the game leave a lot to be desired.

This is where the ‘Improved Death Reactions Mod’ comes in to play. It’s grief captured, bottled, and released into your Sims 4 experience – allowing you to truly get a better sense of the pain and suffering your Sim’s untimely demise has caused for those closest to them. One of the weirder entries on our list, that’s for sure!

Torture & Chaos

It’s hard to go through life without making at least a few enemies along your way and as you would expect, a Sim’s life is no exception.

And while you can always give your foe the cold shoulder and carry on with your business, why not set upon them with The Book Of Chaos and make their final moments on this planet as nasty as can be with the aptly-titled ‘Torture And Chaos’ mod.

From freezing your adversary to setting them on fire, this Sims 4 mods allows you to truly take matters into your own hands as far as ridding the world of that thorn in your side is concerned.

Possessed Child Mod

Not one for the faint of heart by any means, the ‘Possessed Child Mod’ is a suitably paranormal mod from the good but slightly disturbed folk over at Sacrificial Mods – one that adds a certifiably gruesome edge to your Sims 4 playthrough.

Enter Jonathan Colby – a murderous little ghost who will literally wreak havoc on your gameworld, killing each and every Sim he meets along the way. It’s a pretty bleak story, there’s no way around it. But, hey, if you do decide to get the mod, you can also play as the ghost himself!

The Bed Wetting Mod

Does this one really need to be explained? Nature calls! It’s a part of life and it’s a part of The Sims 4. And yet, for all of the dangers that come as a Sim in the increasingly-detailed, mod-ridden world they inhabit, wetting the bed was not one of them up until this perfectly-titled piece of work came to light.

Download if you wish and enjoy what should be a hugely satisfying addition to your game.

Faster Eating & Drinking

There’s something quite strange about watching your Sim eating at the pace of a starved dog with the help of this surprisingly funny mod. The day-to-day trials and tribulations of Sim-life are too plentiful to be lost in favour of something as trivial as eating and drinking for sustenance it seems.

With this Sims 4 mods, your Sims will eat with heightened aggression – leaving the rest of their day completely open, ready to be filled with activities.

The More Intimate Emotional Support Mod

This mod comes as conclusive proof of the fact that sometimes, no matter what the problem is, all you need is a hug. This Sims 4 mods is a particularly strange but unique one, one that makes a minor tweak to the option to hug that already exists within the game’s vanilla version.

When hugging simply doesn’t cut it, this mod offers Sims the chance to embrace one another with a purpose-built animation that really does hammer home an extra level of emotional resonance.

For all the horrific mods that exist on this list, it’s hard not to like this fairly abrupt change in tone.

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