November 27, 2020
Minecraft Mods

The Best Minecraft Mods Of 2020

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Minecraft mods can enhance your experience while playing Minecraft. Whether you want to enhance your graphics or add a few extra adventures into your game, finding the best Minecraft mods will customize your game experience and it needn’t be tricky. Not all Minecraft ods are worth it. Some of them can cause your game to crash, and some of them have bugs that can interfere with the game. The reputable mods, however, are regularly updated and generally run without a problem. So, which ones are worth trying out? Here’s the A-Z guideline on Minecraft mods – what they are, why they’re great, and which popular ones are worth trying out.

Understanding The Best Minecraft Mods

Modifications are called “mods” for short. They refer to the aftermarket changes you can implement into the Minecraft game to alter it from what it originally was. It adds new experiences to the game, new themes, and enables players to enjoy new experiences. Mods provide new storylines to the game, giving you extra content.

Players can change the way they play the game altogether, or, they can simply change the look and the goal of the game they’re playing. Some of the mods don’t alter the storyline of the game but enhance the graphics, improve the gameplay, or increase the speed of the game.

You can identify a good mod by its developer’s dedication to improving it. A mod developer should update and improve their plugins whenever the Minecraft game itself is updated. This ensures that bugs are fixed and the game remains optimized for the best play. Not everyone enjoys mods. Some people prefer to play the game in its standard form.

Others like to be able to customize the experience, adding what they feel should have been included to start with. While mods can improve the overall game experience for the player, mods are not without their own risks. Mods can sometimes cause the game to crash. Reporting the crash is pointless, the creator does not offer support to modified games.

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Minecraft Mod

The Top 10 Best Minecraft Mods

There are mods for every gamer out there. There are creative mods that enable more fantasy elements in the game, technical mods that enable different gameplay strategies thanks to enhanced abilities, and there are mods that add new features and adventures for gamers that have completed the game and want to play it again, but differently. Here are the top 10 best Minecraft mods.


If you’re looking for an improved HD experience, use Optifine – it gives you full HD textures and a level of control over your graphical options that will enhance the overall gameplay tremendously. Optifine is only suitable for gaming devices as it requires a decent amount of ram to run effectively. If you’re using an older device, Fastcraft will give you the same results without being so consumptive. Fastcraft will optimize your machine’s overall performance during game time, giving you less lag and better control while you’re playing. Learn more about Optifine here and learn more about Fastcraft here.


One icon-based list seriously simplifies matters while you’re playing Minecraft. It’s one of the best Minecraft mods of 2020. It eliminates the need to strain your eyes searching through your list for a particular recipe or item. Instead, NEI (Not Enough Items) showcases everything you have neatly together in one list that’s easy to scan.

Can’t find what you’re looking for straight away? Not Enough Items provides you with a super-handy search function. Type into the bar what you’re looking for and select it from the results. The mod’s name is pretty clever too – if you have ever considered cutting back on items because you’re getting lost in the lists, this will convince you that you can do with a few more.

Minecraft Mods


Battle with directions? Journeymap is one of the best Minecraft mods because it enables you to keep track of your journey via a real-time map that gives you a view of the larger area. Understanding that you might not want a map taking up your screen space during play, the mod’s creator has designed the map to open on your screen, or a mobile Android/iOs device so that you can enjoy full visibility and still see where you’re traversing to. You can also make use of the very handy in-game minimap that is unobtrusive enough to have open during your gameplay.


Applied Energistics is one of the best Minecraft mods because it enables the hoarding tendency that all Minecraft gamers tend to have. It’s a pretty nifty piece of software because it enables you to store endless amounts of goods and items without having to lug them around – and you – you can access them effortlessly no matter where you are in the game. How does it do this? By converting your items into energy which is stored in your base on hard drives. You can access these items wirelessly, making storage a far more versatile activity with less worrying.


A chest-sized version of Minecraft? Minecraft gamers are truly creative and this mod proves it, its ingenuity alone distinguishes it as one of the best Minecraft mods. The entire Minecraft has been made small enough to be played via the interface of a Minecraft chest – all of the original game’s features and capabilities are there.

The beauty of it is that you can see all of the results of your actions as if you never left the 2D game. It’s an entertaining perspective shift and it’s highly creative. There are a few interesting resources discussing it, it’s highly recommended to go and check out what gamers are saying int he forums.


Love to customize your play? Of course. You know what you like and what empowers your best gaming capabilities. Inventory Tweaks gives you the opportunity to fully tweak your chests and inventory. When your tools run out of durability, Inventory Tweaks will replace them in your hotbar, automatically. It will also refill your stacks and blocks automatically and you can sort your chests and inventory beautifully. It’s one of the best Minecraft mods for those who love to stay organized and value customization capabilities

Best Minecraft Mods


Want to improve the experience of the overall game by improving your visuals with more textures? Chisel 2 adds an additional 24 cobblestone textures to Minecraft, which only has one as a default. It will add an element of realism to all of the blocks in the game by changing their textures. This enables you to work with your decor more creatively. It’s easy to install and it add a sense of realness to the overall appearance of the game. It’s one of the most popular of the lists of best Minecraft mods because it enables more customization.


The devil is in the details, right? We think so too. That’s why Carpenter’s Blocks is one of the best Minecraft mods of 2020. You can add details to the game, like having a slope instead of having blocks. Some of the other wonderful details you can get from Carpenter’s Slope include beds, flowerpots, torches buttons, doors, and other little nicknacks that add to the overall visual experience of the game. In fact, Carpenter’s Block can even provide you with a netherrack ladder.


Decor Craft supplies an almost endless number of decoration options to liven up your Minecraft setting. This includes basic items like tables ad chairs and also unusual items like kitchen sinks, stuffed animals, vases and decorations, and even lamps. You can create a custom setting in Minecraft. You can create the most homely environment with this mod. For those who really value the finer details, this is likely one of the best Minecraft mods to download. The items also come in various colors, enabling you to stick with a theme or create a riot of color and texture.


Looking for the real deal element that is present in life but not in Minecraft? Pig Manure introduces poo to the game. You can take this new element to the next level by gathering the poo and using it as fertilizer in our crops – saving on bonemeal. You can also gather it in and fire it in the furnace to create building bricks. Where does the poo come from? It’s pig manure (as the name suggests). That means you have to gather it where your pigs drop it.

The purpose of Minecraft mods is to improve your gaming experience – to build on the wonderful framework of the game with more detail, features, power, and improved graphics as well as other visuals. Find the mods that enhance the game in the way that engages you the best. It’s a great idea to visit forums and see how various gamers compare the different mods. Not all of them are compatible with all devices, some require greater processing power while others are fairly unaffected.

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